This song relates to the depths of the Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana).

The personal story behind Responsible as well as a wealth of tools and resources relating to the profound wisdom of this energy center can be found in Chapter Two of the companion book: AWAKEN TO YOUR TRUTH: How to Thrive in the New Age of Aquarius.

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Responsible by Matt Welsh (BLUVNBU)

It doesn’t take a picture perfect person to really know what’s going on. All the problems… Did you ever think they’re stemming from your thoughts? It’s time to think about the future and learn from the past. We’re going backwards, which is forwards. Am I making sense? On a picture perfect planet where the energy is free. The sun will give us power, not monopolized utilities. There’s gonna be a revolution. It’s here, it’s right now. When this shit goes down, will you be love and be yourself? We pretend to… focus on the problems. We’ve got to stop and solve them cause it’s getting too late! Some will and some won’t. It’s not my fault. Some will and some won’t. I am responsible. So what do you say? What will you do? Some will and some won’t. It’s up to me and you! It’s up to me and you. So what will you do? Infinite, Possibility, of Love and Peace, and Harmony. Infinite, Possibility, of Love and Peace, and Harmony. Infinite, Possibility, of Love and Peace, and Harmony. Infinite, Possibility, of Love and Peace, and Harmony. Oh, it’s not my fault (not my fault). I am responsible (so what now). So, what will you do (will you do)? It’s up to me and you!

Custom Track Artwork by Carolynne (Matt’s birth mother)

Matt Welsh, Carolynne Welsh, The Awakening, BLUVNBU, beloveandbeyou, chakra, new age, rock, yoga, meditation, sacral
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Co-Creators of The Awakening EP:

Written and Performed by Matt Welsh (BLUVNBU)
Custom Track Artwork created by Carolynne Welsh
Master Web Design by Alex Mangini (Marketers Delight)
Album Artwork and Book cover by Melanie Harrington (Stardust Studios)
Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Josh Hastick (Engine 3 Recordings)
Mastered by Mike Kalajian (Rogue Planet Mastering)
Documentary filmed and produced by Jenna Doolittle (It’s Fine Photos)


SJC Custom Drums – The Aquarian drum set

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