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Matt Welsh


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A Letter from Matt

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Hello fellow seeker,

I am an independent new age artist, author, and speaker based in Orlando, FL (USA). My artist alias is BLUVNBU and pronounced just like this website, be love and be you.

With extensive trainings in Yoga, Qigong, Food Healing, Meditation, Plant Medicines and Breathwork... My primary method of teaching is through my spiritually rich, energetically engaging songwriting.

My sound is an uplifting, heart-centered, and honest musical style that has miraculously empowered seekers from around the world to stand up for their freedom and live their true purpose. If you have willingly ventured down the rabbit hole and have struggled to find your way back home, then the music, tools, and community here can support you. It is a blessing and honor to serve you.

I am in an interesting position where the best of my life's work is now being realized after nearly 33 years of persistence. If you are here now reading this, please know that our connection is private, sacred, and divinely timed.

Just in the last few years I have been guided to build a foundation to become an immovable voice within the worldwide freedom movement. After appearing at Anarchapulco, Miami Crypto Experience, PorcFest, FreedomFest, and the Aquarian Music & Art Festival, I can assure you I am only just getting started and that I will stand beside you as we reclaim our freedoms into the new age.

With all of this in mind, I thought it best you know what has come before you and what is coming next so you can be first to participate.

On 2/22/2022 my entire discography was released to the world and is now available on all streaming platforms. BLUVNBU.COM is the best place to view this collection.

In addition to pursuing music, my team and I have founded AgeofAquarius.org as a resource for the world to explore this topic as it relates to all life. There you will find the Aquarian Community with a variety of resources that you can use and share with others.

The team and I have expanded to take this show on the road beginning with our first grand event, the Aquarian Music & Art Festival on 2/2/2022. Our end goal will always be to bring people together, in person, united, singing, dancing, and breathing as one. We welcome all help now and into the future if you wish to contact me with your ideas. From there, we will leave the rest to the Creator.

Please know that ALL of your contributions are shared directly with me and rewarded to anyone that shares this work. Every donation that you make for a product, service, or experience is how my team and I continue to serve you. It is also how we inspire our allies to share the material, benefit financially, and feel the joy of supporting their loved ones' beautiful awakening process. The gratitude I feel for your support and for all of this being possible cannot be expressed by words.

You and I may not have bought Bitcoin under one Dollar, but if you have an interest in finding things before everyone else does and being part of a similar viral success, you are at no better place in time.

The growth of this movement is not dependent upon me making it in the music industry. This website is a self-transformational platform for you to access my best knowledge, network, tools, and resources to help you thrive. Music is simply a passion of mine and the most effective tool that I know to inspire real change.

If you wish to access my tools and guidance, then I recommend getting started by joining the Aquarian Community and I will send you my guidebook for how to THRIVE in the Age of Aquarius. This guidebook will reveal if you are ready for the power of these teachings and if I am someone you decidely want to learn from on a more advanced personal level.

If you are ready NOW to show up, dive in, and fast-track your mental, physical, and spiritual evolution, then click below to access the teachings.

May you have the courage and strength to be LOVE and be YOU.

With Luv & Gratitude,


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It’s sound so 2000s, feels nostalgic So great I find you on minds👍

Angelica T., a message on Minds.com

Great MSG dude you ROck!

Young David, from a YouTube comment

Wow nicely done my friend, the music and video are both so good! I can't wait until I can join a band one day 🔥🔥🔥

Young David, from a YouTube comment

I'm getting hardcore Switchfoot vibes!! I dig it. Actually found this vid on a new found glory video. Keep it up! I could see this being on the radio.

Coffee King, from a YouTube comment


BLUVNBU is more than just a band name. It is an acronym for a sacred set of actions, that when practiced will naturally unlock your purpose in this life. Access the teachings by joining the Aquarian Community of like-minded seekers and become the LEADER, TEACHER, and HEALER you are meant to be.

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