A movement.

Hello, friend…

Welcome to BeLoveandBeYou.com

My name is Matt Welsh, author and creator behind this movement. And I can honestly say that this might be the greatest work I have done and may EVER do in my lifetime.

So, thank you for making it this far and being in the right place at the right time.

“No matter who you are, what you like, what you don’t like… it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, what matters is where you go from here.” ~/\/\~

I am not totally sure why you are here. But, I believe that if you stick around for a little bit and explore this blog… there is something for you.

If you care about your health and wellness… I teach yoga online every week.
If you care about rhythm, timing, and drumming… I teach drums online every week.
If you care about freedom, abundance, and success… I teach social entrepreneurship online every week.

But, above and beyond all that I do… my deepest calling is writing. I love to write.

I love to tell stories that share my most profound experiences in life.

Then, I write and record songs about these experiences to share with you and anyone with an open mind and an open heart.

“It’s never too late for all my plans, for all of my dreams. I am starting over. Starting over…. Again.” ~/\/\~

The truth is… I never could have expected to be living the life I live now. A life of true freedom, passion, and joy.

I have always been a big dreamer with a big vision and I trusted that I could be, have, and do everything I wanted in life.

I believe the same is possible for everyone… including you.

So, I encourage you… please stay in touch. Let’s build a friendship. Let’s share with each other AMAZING, inspiring stories and teach each other infinitely profound pieces of knowledge that will enrich our souls for a lifetime!

“Whenever I am asked about advice on any given topic, I always try to give space to allow a solution. More often than not, the answer that usually comes to heart is to just simply “Be Love and Be You.” ~/\/\~

Exchanging emails is the best way for us to keep in touch…

So, please subscribe below and I will give you my email, a free song download, and invite you to a special private Facebook group for the BeLoveandBeYou community.

The video above may give you a better understanding of who I Am. Go ahead and check it out if you haven’t yet! I look forward to sharing more of my story with you and learning more about your story 🙂

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