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My name is Matt Welsh, author and creator behind this movement. It is my life purpose to embody and share what it means to be love and be yourself. I truly believe this is the formula for achieving all of your goals in this lifetime and there has never been a more important time in history to embody this way of being.

So, thank you for showing up in the right place at the right time.

“No matter who you are, what you like, what you don’t like… it doesn’t matter where you are coming from, what matters is where you go from here.” ~/\/\~

I am not totally sure why you are here. But, I believe that if you stick around for a little bit and explore this blog… there is something for you.

I consider myself a leader, teacher, and healer in the study of all things related to the mind-body-spirit connection. I love to practice conscious breathing, plant-based food healing, qigong, yoga, and meditation on a daily basis.

But, above and beyond all that I do… my deepest calling is writing. I love to write.

I love to tell stories that share my most profound experiences in life.

Then, I write and record songs about these experiences to share with you and anyone with an open mind and an open heart.

“It’s never too late for all my plans, for all of my dreams. I am starting over. Starting over…. Again.” ~/\/\~

The truth is… I always had known that I was worthy of living an amazing life.

I have always been a big dreamer with a big vision and I trusted that I could be, have, and do everything I wanted in life as long as I simply never gave up.

I believe the same is possible for everyone… including you.

At the prime age of 29, I have been able to put together a 7 song New Age Rock record with a full length documentary titled Making The Awakening. The record is a collection of stories, life lessons, and ancient truths woven into an arrangement of songs that directly relate to each one of the 7 core energy centers in the body. Not only was it incredibly healing for me to bring these songs to life… But, I have also crafted this record as a way to help support you, the listener, with your own personal mental, physical, and spiritual awakening.

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This record is the soundtrack to my personal awakening. Maybe it could be the soundtrack to your personal awakening too? I believe it could inspire anyone on the courageous path of realizing who they are meant to be and what they are here to do. If that is you, why not give a listen and see?

I have also put together my first complete book as a companion to the record.

How to thrive in the age of Aquarius, new age, matt welsh, the awakening, bitcoin, anarchy, yoga, meditation, chakra, metatron, geomery
AWAKEN TO YOUR TRUTH: How to Thrive in the New Age of Aquarius.

The book is an intimate memoir of my personal story, how this record came to be, and how you too can awaken to your truth. Within it, I bring you on a deep dive into the lyrics including the detailed experiences behind the lessons of each song. Included are actionable steps that I have learned to practice as a Shine on Yoga 200 hour certified yoga instructor, a certified Supreme Science Qigong Level 3 instructor, and an Amma.org certified meditation practitioner.

I do not share these achievements to boast. But, rather, to illustrate that I have put the time in to seek out this information and put it all together for myself and anyone who could benefit from it. I can confidently say that there are few people in the world who have done this in the way that I have, with the background that I have. So, if any of this is resonating, then I invite you to join my newsletter and take advantage of my Starting Over Gift Pack.

This gift pack is the perfect first step for anyone to take, no matter where they are in their spiritual journey. All of what I teach is practical and based on real science and personal experience. It is not based on dogmatic ideologies or religious constructs. This is important if you really want to grasp the core fundamentals of these new age teachings.

Included in the gift pack is the first single I had ever released titled Starting Over. It has already reached over half of a million people on youtube. It will be helpful to play this regularly as you dive into the readings included in the gift pack.

You will get access to the introduction of my book and my personal daily routine for achieving the maximum productivity on your path to fulfillment. I will also extend an invite to our exclusive private group.

Once you have consumed that content… you can invest in yourself further and download my Leader Digital Download bundle. This will grant you access to all of my materials including the full length record, documentary, and book as well as many exciting bonuses all for a one time donation of $47.

So, I encourage you… please stay in touch. Let’s build a friendship. Let’s share with each other AMAZING, inspiring stories and teach each other infinitely profound wisdom that will enrich our souls for a lifetime!

“Whenever I am asked about advice on any given topic, I always try to give space to allow a solution. More often than not, the answer that usually comes to heart is to just simply “Be Love and Be You.” ~/\/\~

In a world of censorship and ever-changing social media platforms. Exchanging emails is the best way for us to keep in touch…

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With Luv and Gratitude,

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