Awaken To Your Truth

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Includes (1) eBook and (1) Audiobook Digital Download. You cannot find this record anywhere else in the world but here… not on Apple Music, Spotify, or any other music streaming website. Get the record personally from me!  Total pages: 222.

“The Awakening EP is more than just a record, it is my life story. I needed to find a way to share my truth and everything I have learned that could benefit the people I love. “Awaken to Your Truth” is the story of how I steadily awakened to my truth, what that means, why it is absolutely vital, and how you can do the same. The book contains a detailed introduction followed by seven chapters that serve as a guidebook to equip you with all of the resources to thrive in the new age of Aquarius. Within each chapter, I break down each song on the record and how they relate to the seven core energy centers in the body. For fans on non-fiction, autobiographies, practical personal development, and metaphysical science… I firmly believe that reading this could dramatically improve your life! I hope you dive in sooner than later.” -Matt

Download the eBook and Audiobook now OR check out the LEADER bundle which includes the artwork, music, documentary, lyrics, music videos, book, and more!


The Audiobook and eBook will NOT be available for download until 2/2/2022. Your donation to receive this gift will allow you to create an exclusive account on this website where you can log in and access these downloads when they are available.

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