End of an Era

On Tuesday January 21st, 2020 my brothers and I had buried the head of our family, my beloved grandmother. Edna C. Welsh was just a month shy of 93 years of age.

She had lived an amazingly full life and was most proud of her family. She had told me countless times that she was, “ready to go.”

Upon walking into her home minutes before her last breath… I can testify that she was blessed with a peaceful and painless passing. She had passed in the exact spot where my grandfather William Welsh had passed in the home that he had built for his family.

In a very sweet cycle of completion, I really could not have asked to witness a more easy and beautiful transition.

The ceremonies that followed were very sacred to me. Many had showed up to pay their respects. Thank you!

I recall finding a red House of Blues guitar pick in my pocket and passing it on to my father as he placed it into his mother’s hand for the last time.

Following the viewing, we had been escorted to bring my grandmother to her last mass in the Catholic church that we grew up in.

I recall glancing over and sharing a laugh with my older brother as the church music kicked in. Even after 8 years of CCD and a major death in the family, some things never change 😊

After the mass we were escorted to Bordentown Cemetery for the burial process. The family set vibrant colored flowers atop the casket as we paid our final respects and carried on to celebrate.

Family is so special to me and I will always cherish the memories with my grandmother 💚

If you would like to pay your respects and show some love for Edna, her tombstone can be found in Bordentown Cemetery at 210 Crosswicks Road.

You can also view this beautiful video slideshow on the official obituary site!

With Luv and Gratitude,


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  1. A stumble upon every yellow rose, is reminder she’s still here and her spirit will always be with you all.

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