The DEATH of Matt Welsh

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Easter Sunday.

A significant holi-day that I have celebrated as long as I have been alive.

Growing up, this was an exciting time for my siblings and I, as we would wake up with bunny footprints leading us to a basket of goodies with all sorts of candy and toys. This was again another act of unconditional love by my parents that I will forever cherish.

But, what does this holy-day really mean? It is interesting how these holy days in American cult-ure are celebrated as times of feasting, gift giving, and partying… But, how many people actually celebrate the true meaning of this event?

Do they even know the true meaning of Easter?

According to the King James Bible… Jesus was crucified for helping people understand reality which had threatened the existing power structure and the slavery that the people were in. He was then murdered by that power structure and those people on the cross on Good Friday. Three days later, he rose from the dead signifying the eternal divine nature of Spirit and this day became known as Resurrection Sunday.

What is really being celebrated is the struggle of ascending into Christ Consciousness.

I am not one to be reciting and preaching bible versus. I do not identify with any one religion. But, I am seriously encouraging you to deeply consider the meaning of this day and how relevant it is right now at this time in human his-story.

Most of the world is on house arrest following the biggest planned false flag since the twin towers crashed and burned to the ground for all the world to see (COVID-19: Certificate Of Vaccination Identification – Beginning 2019).

Meanwhile, the pride of the military industrial complex and law enforcement agents grows exponentially as the walls of martial law close in day by day. People are stuck at home in fear, confusion, and ultimately distracted from what is really happening.

I am going to share with you what is happening.
I am accepting the responsibility of sharing this information.
I am accepting the repercussions of sharing this information.

Therefore, I am hereby declaring the death of Matt Welsh… the death of my ego.

By acknowledging this, no matter what happens to my physical body in this life. I am letting go of all possible limitations imposed upon my eternal conscious awareness as I surrender to all that I AM.

There is no room for ego in 2020 my friend. Not for me, not for you, not for anyone.

What is happening is all of the stars, planets, and cosmos are aligning for the coming shift into the New Age of Aquarius. Nobody is talking about this or even aware of it aside from the 2% of freethinking souls and mega financial elite who essentially control every aspect of the outside world. I thank Martin Kenny for this research.

The fact that mainstream media, the state, and helly-wood are not talking about this is the icing on the cake to reveal the sad truth that most of us are in fact living a lie.

This is the most important event that we are blessed to witness in our lifetime. There is potential here to completely transcend the corrupt systems of the old world to finally compliment all life on this planet. And no public word of this!?

Well here it is my friend. I am sounding the alarm. I am not the first to do so and I WILL NOT be the last.

The fact is that we are living a lie. Nearly EVERYTHING that we have ever been told is a lie or a half-truth at best. We have been programmed to perceive reality from the lens of a slave that is being blindly controlled by it’s master.

There is no possible way I could help you to understand this truth within one blog post. You either have been courageously seeking truth on your own merit and agree with what I am saying… or you completely disagree and have not a clue what I am talking about. There is no grey area here.

This is why I share this message with you on Resurrection Sunday. Because, similar to Jesus… I am publicly acknowledging here now that I will experience the same levels of condemnation and I will be crucified to no end in 2020 by friends, family, and internet trolls alike. Will you follow the herd and do the same?

On one side of the coin will be the minority community of awakened warriors who are positioned to thrive from this coming shift of the ages and on the other side… well, it is not going to be good my friend. I sincerely mean that as this should NOT be taken for fear-mongering.

On the other side of the coin will be the majority of brainwashed slaves that will fall victim to the coming global economic collapse and have NO CHOICE but to succumb to the technocratic beast system that is being rolled out as we speak. They will lose everything they have. And I mean everything.

People will be forced to have their egos shatter as all of their life savings, pension funds, 401K accounts, IRA savings, bonds, and stocks crumble to the Earth. Homes will foreclose if you were not wise enough to sell by now. Cars will get repossessed. Small businesses will die overnight. Families will be torn apart. And the ONLY thing that will matter is keeping food on the table and defending against bottom feeders.

Every record from the great depression will look like a good time after this.

In fact, I believe without a shadow of a doubt that things will not go back to “normal” when this lockdown ends, IF it ends. Maybe it will commence for years as the fallout of political and economical turmoil unfolds to make way for the New World Order.

This is NOT a time to distract yourself with drugs, junk foods, sleeping in, social media, politics, and the mainstream news. Sure, if you want to miss the biggest opportunity of our lifetime go ahead. But, I URGE you to save your energy, your money, focus, and attention for what is important.

Right now is our grace period to make up for lost time. We have a matter of days, weeks, and maybe months to WAKE UP and work together to not only survive these changes… but, to thrive.

There are three reasons I am accepting the negative energy that will come my way for standing up and voicing these messages.

  1. I am trained from having already experienced similar negative energy in 2011
  2. The amount of positive karma I will receive will be worth the sacrifice
  3. There is no one out there who is positioned to help in the way that I can

And on that last reason… this is again why I cannot afford to have an ego. It will completely derail any chance of realizing my own personal evolution and effectively helping anyone realize theirs. The same goes for you.

You MUST surrender your ego and let it die now. It is the ONLY way to rebuild your perception from a clear lense of truth. It is really quite easy… STOP assuming that you are right and accept that you are probably WRONG. Be a student again, forget what you know, and get busy learning from credible sources. Please open your Self up to practical new information, ideas, and actions to benefit your life before it is too late.

The ego is limited, corruptible, and wants to be protected. This is why people will lash out at me. And this is why they lashed out at Jesus. They simply cannot handle the truth thrown at them, especially at once. It goes directly against their falsely programmed perception of reality. They will fight back out of their own unconscious unawareness of protecting what they know.

So why me? Why can I help and in what way can I help that makes me different?

To explain, I must share a deep discovery that stems back to a breakthrough I had back in March of 2020. For the past decade, I have wondered why I never caught a break in life, business, and music.

I have attempted multiple business ventures, worked along side a number of self-made millionaires, been involved with big names in the music industry, and released countless records of radio quality original music.

Where are the fans? Where is the big name manager? Where is the major record label, the international booking agent, the gold record, the fame, the fortune?

My friend… I AM NOBODY.
And everything to gain.

I never caught my break because Spirit had bigger plans for me. These plans are unfolding now as I am positioned to help inspire others and finally accept the break that I have worked tirelessly towards for 29 years. I can write and sing with you about these messages of truth because I have NOTHING to lose. I am nobody.

Do you know who will NOT be helping to guide you through this mass awakening and help you get positioned for a life of wealth and power like you have never known.

Almost EVERYONE, that’s who. Do NOT expect a hand up from ANY government, politician, helly-wood star, any other famous musician, your friends, and sadly… sometimes even your family.

The sad fact is that you CANNOT count on the majority 98% of people at the bottom of the pyramid! They will hold you back like cancerous crabs clinging onto other crabs as they realize their demise and try to escape the bucket.

And you most CERTAINLY cannot count on the 2% minority at the higher levels of the pyramid. Those people have already been preparing for decades. They all may not be aware of what is coming to the full extent that I will be sharing. But, they are ALL IN ON IT to various degrees. Even if they do not agree with what is happening, they really have no choice at this point.

Many influencers in the 2% have A LOT on the line. If they come out sharing a fraction of what little me is sharing… they could lose EVERYTHING as they become labelled as crazy, liars, conspiracy theorists, and targets for exposing the names and facts behind this. They already sold out. Or as some may say, sold their soul.

If you were them, would you stand up and speak out? Or would you sit back in your million dollar underground bunker, wait this out, and then act like heroes when it is all over (after they have siphoned all of the worlds energy/resources into their wallets).

Please STOP feeding them your energy (money and attention).

The harsh reality is that aside from a few people in your life, nobody gives a DAMN about you. They certainly do not give a damn about me. Why would they?

It is unfortunate if I have to be labeled as the bad guy for being so direct with you. But, the strong minded do not seek what they want to hear, they seek what they need to hear. It is “every man for themselves” out there. And this is only going to become more apparent as this “manufactured crisis” intentionally drags on.

I truly wish that I was wrong about these predictions. I hope I am wrong because I do not want to live to see this much suffering. But, the facts are not stacked in our favor.

This will be the ultimate test for you. What you decide to do and follow with action in 2020 will dictate the quality of the rest of your life. If you want to have a future worth living, this is your chance to choose. This is your grace period.

Will you fearfully and blindly follow the powers that shouldn’t be?
OR will you lead with love and side with YOUR SELF?

Because there are a small minority of Freedom Fighterz and awakened warriors who are leading the way to a more free future and inspiring you to side with your Self.

In the coming days, I will be rolling out my life’s work.

I keep having to push it back because I am completely independent and have been bootstrapping this project for years. It takes a lot longer when you have to multi-task side incomes to pursue something that differs from the mainstream narrative.

However, I really do feel that now is the time. As soon as I officially roll out this bundle of resources, the flood gates could open as thousands of truth-seekers around the globe gravitate to this work. The angels are behind this and they will support you and anyone that willingly leads with love.

It is absolutely possible for the internet to be shut down or in the least for there to be a massive censorship purge of all alternative media that goes against the narrative.

So, I URGE you right now to subscribe to my email list so that I can directly contact you without anyone interfering or censoring those communications.

You will be the first to know how to Awaken to Your Truth and Thrive in the New Age of Aquarius.

Happy Easter 💚

With Luv and Gratitude,


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  1. Loving you brother! I appreciate you writing this. These words are indeed hard for many to hear. Even for myself as I regularly find myself in a tug of war between wanting to believe everything will continue as normal and believing that the wool has indeed been pulled over our eyes. In my younger years films such as Zeitgeist and Thrive have altered my perception of this world to the agenda these supposed elites are orchestrating. It’s hard to know the truth and tell the difference. It’s also hard to know what to do about it. For many like myself, the resources to prepare for something of this potential magnitude just are not there. Many of us are sitting ducks despite our knowledge of this NWO agenda due the financial constraint and the struggle that oppresses the 98% of us. How can we ever get ahead in a world designed against us? How are we to weather the storm to potentially come? Together I suppose. I believe in a world that works for everyone. I felt in my gut that big change is coming for many years now. It has yet to come, but it could knock on our door at anytime. I’ve been on a frantic journey seeking financial independence to prepare for over a decade and I’m only barely in a better position than i’ve ever been. Though I cant hide in a bunker and food could run out, I can choose to trust in the goodness of humanity, myself and even a higher power that we are protected and taking this planet back no matter what. Much Love <3

  2. Those are some wise words from an even wiser man. The truth becomes an obvious choice when we listen within.

    There’s a powerful spell in the Hollywood (the same type of wood Merlin’s wand was made from) movie called A Few Good Men, when the magician Jack Nicholson says, “You can’t handle the truth.” Being connected with one’s Spirit after an extended disconnection will abruptly reveal emotional inner truths that it’s easier to be distracted from than overcome or learn to handle.

    We have power in our minds, in our bodies, and in our spirits. We also have responsibilities to continue growing by following the truth (in turn becoming more powerful) and to not use our power hide the truth from others (dark magic). Some truth holders choose to provide the distractions in exchange for the mental, physical, and spiritual energy of the distracted parties.

    The most unfortunate consequence of the distractions is that we now live in a world where righteous intent is viewed with a cocked head and raised eyebrow since the average person has a positive Pavlovian response to the distractions. The only way to keep the distractions up is to provide more intense stimuli with darker magic. The distracted parties don’t have direct malintent but the distractions keep them from considering that they are sacrificing their energy to parties who are using that energy to hide the truth.

    I’m grateful to read your words and sense the understanding of perseverance you have, as the change has been happening since before we were here and will continue long after we are gone. We are here to continue seeking the truth, revealing the truth, and learning as the truth is buried and hidden. It requires energy that most will sacrifice to the distractions. We have power through perseverance and continuing to follow the truth. We ain’t givin’ it up, we’re continually building it up. Keep shining my friend.

    This is the first verse from a new song I’m working on called “Different.” I wrote the lyrics when I was having some similar thoughts the other day.

    They can’t see it
    Even when the sun’s shinin’ on you
    You got power, gotta voice
    The sky is smiling on you
    You can see
    What they can’t see
    That’s why they’re ridin on you
    Go and live what you believe
    Make that a daily habit, yeah
    Surviving the world everyday

  3. Amazing truths.. and vibrations are the new language to unfold what has always been there.
    I am a friend of Kathy Hawn.. she instructed me to contact you.. feel free to reach out to me.. we are doing the same with diff fragrance. 🙂

    Michael Smith

  4. This is very fascinating to read and to contemplate! I think it shows a great perspective on the craziness taking place in the world today. We can never be too prepared mentally, physically and spiritually for what is to come. Thank you for being a light in this world 🌍 ♥️

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