AppSumo Black Friday SALE!

Haven’t you ever wanted to be something?
Start your own business?
Take life into YOUR own hands?

Well… whether its a voice agency, a band, or even just a personal blog, Appsumo is going to make sure you get started on the right foot and virtually at no cost to you.

Essentially what they do is partner with the latest, most innovative, and EXCITING software brands emerging on the web to give you lifetime access to their products.

I was honestly geeking out over this sale! The potential for creating and sharing your gifts with the world has never been greater! The internet is here to stay and the time to build your house on it, was yesterday.

While I am currently exploring all (15) of the tools that they just revealed on the official page, there are TWO tools specifically that I absolutely MUST recommend that no professional entrepreneur should be without.

Essentially, if you have something of value to offer… it is critical to have a permanent home on the web that you own completely and freely. In addition, it has become essential to have a social media presence. So, you also need a publishing tool that can distribute your value most efficiently.

What do I recommend?

1.) Marketers Delight (Your professional website)

$79 for Lifetime Access on AppSumo

What is Marketers Delight… you are looking at it! This is the all in one WordPress theme that has made possible. To create your website, all you need is a domain name from Namecheap, web hosting from Siteground, a fresh installation of WordPress, and then Marketers Delight to build your professional self-hosted WordPress website.

This is how I offer my music, merchandise, client services, blog and more from one hub that cannot be censored, de-platformed, or restricted in creativity.

One of my new favorite features on MD is the stream add on which allows me to quickly post my Daily Mantras. Once I post them, how do I get them out to the world?

2.) (Your Social Media Scheduling tool)

$49 for Lifetime Access on AppSumo

That’s where Publer comes in. The beautiful thing about a self-hosted wordpress is that it will organically rank in search engines. However, this is no excuse to not have a social media presence in 2020 and beyond.

Thanks to Publer, I am able to share the content from my website to most social media platforms without ever logging into those social platforms.

This is an incredibly robust software and it’s success hinges on the API integrations with each of these social platforms. So yes, this is an additional tool for your arsenal. But, as of now… this is the most cutting edge tool and content distribution strategy that I have been leveraging for months. I could not imagine life without it.

Comment below if you have any questions about my experience with these tools or if you personally recommend any of the other 15 tools listed on the official AppSumo Black Friday page!

A great way to view each tool is to watch this YouTube Playlist brought to you by the AppSumo team where they briefly share each product. Just press play and all 15 videos will play!

Your Gift for taking ACTION!


As a reward for you taking action on sharing your gifts in a BIGGER way… I am going to give you these products before the special ends on November 30th, 2020.

Pick up either Marketers Delight or Publer and receive my record The Awakening ($7 Value)

Pick up BOTH and receive my Leader Digital Download Bundle. ($37 Value)

With Luv and Gratitude,

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