The Awakening EP

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Includes all (7) songs and all (3) album artwork downloads. You cannot find this record anywhere else in the world but here… not on Apple Music, Spotify, or any other music streaming website. Get this record personally from the artist who created it!  Total listening time: 23 Minutes.

“The way this record came together was nothing short of magical. It is an expression of my journey as someone seeking personal evolution. The songs capture the ups and down of my mental, physical, and spiritual awakening. I hope you enjoy it, can relate to it, and will share this with anyone you think would love hear it.” -Matt

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The Awakening EP is a collection of stories, life lessons, and ancient truths woven into an arrangement of 7 HIGH energy New Age Rock songs! Each song directly relates to one of the 7 core energy centers in the body to help support the listener with their unique personal mental, physical, and spiritual evolution. The songs are then composed into a total of 7 chapters for the book AWAKEN TO YOUR TRUTH: How to Thrive in the New Age of Aquarius. This is the first rock record in history to be based around the chakra system and intended for the new Age of Aquarius. Utilizing the tools in this book and listening to this music daily will deepen your connection with the creator, expand your awareness, inspire your creativity, fuel your passions, strengthen your mindset, and ease your evolution. For fans of Cage The Elephant, Muse, and Trevor Hall… This is the first record from Matt Welsh (BLUVNBU)

Secret Tracklisting: (Approx 24 minutes / 7 songs)

1.) Restore
2.) Responsible
3.) Good For Me
4.) Why
5.) Listen
6.) One
7.) Evolve


Written and Performed by Matt Welsh (BLUVNBU)
Recorded, Mixed, and Produced by Josh Hastick (Engine 3 Recordings)
Mastered by Mike Kalajian (Rogue Planet Mastering)
Documentary filmed and produced by Jenna Doolittle (It’s Fine Photos)
Album Artwork created by Carolynne Welsh


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