The First Chapter

Hello my friend,

[ UPDATE 5-20-2017: The crowdfund is successfully closed at $1 MILLION+ raised! ]

This is the very FIRST official blog post for my newly launched website!

If you do not know the purpose of this site and who I Am, then I encourage you to read about why this site will have a huge impact on your life… if you allow it to 🙂

But, most importantly… if you are seeing this blog post, you could seriously be at the right place at the right time!!!

I JUST announced that I will be offering an exclusive Mastermind Retreat for the FIRST (10) values-aligned social entrepreneurs who want to take their happiness, health, and wealth to incredible new heights!

Dates will take place this summer and we will decide them once everyone has earned their spots! (Most likely Late July or Early August)

Econ Farm, Powur, Matt Welsh, Orlando, FL

The retreat will include:

  • Lodging at the Econ Farm studio in Orlando, FL ($600 Value)
  • Unlimited Pure Florida Rainwater (Purified with State of the Art Technology)
  • Home-cooked Organic and Healthy Foods During the Trip ($50 Value)
  • Your own custom self-hosted WordPress Website ($1,000 Value)
  • Setting up your own custom-chosen website domain name + hosting ($50 Value)
  • Complete Social Media Marketing Package branded to your website ($1,000 Value)
  • A strategic plan of action to grow your business after this retreat ($100 Value)
  • Mixed Level Yoga and Meditation Practices w/ Essential Oil Gift Pack ($233 Value)
  • Explore 5 Acres of Lush Florida Rainforest with Trails and Stages (Priceless)
  • Professional Photos for your Brand ($150 Value)
  • Professional Video for your Brand ($150 Value)
  • Lifelong Friendships, Experiences, Memories, and More!! (Priceless)

Total Value: $3,333

Your cost: $1,111 or less 🙂

To earn your spot, please complete the following 3 steps:

  1. Enroll to get your Powur AdvisorPRO License ($499 one-time + 29 Monthly)
  2. Become a Shareholder of Powur, PBC (Minimum share is $500+)
  3. Send me an email saying that you just did those two things!

Please Note: You will be responsible for your transportation and for covering the cost of your website domain, hosting, and groceries. Also, your total creative process and input will be required to create these results. I will walk you through the steps as we do it 🙂  Please estimate $100 for these costs to be delivered one-week prior to trip.

I could make this blog post SO much prettier, but we are honestly running out of time!

Powur’s RECORD BREAKING CrowdFund is ENDING as soon as we hit $1 Million Funds Raised OR 500 Investors… whichever comes first.

Please do your due diligence and make a decision as soon as possible!
Feel free to comment below or contact me personally with any questions.

To your success and our future,


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