I am unbelievably excited to share with you a brand new song titled, RESTORE.

For a limited time, you can Download the song for free right now.

Also, I will be doing a very special LIVE TOUR leading up to the official public debut of this single! For one week I will be offering a deep dive into each of the seven chakras. The livestream will be interactive with stories of life lessons and also include a live performance. Be sure to RSVP and invite your friends to the following events.

  So… would you like to know a little more about the song?

This is the first official music release under my new artist alias BLUVNBU.

This band name is a 7 letter, simple, and sacred message that I had channeled while asleep during a dream in 2015. I immediately woke up to sketch out and capture what has now become my brand, my deepest calling.

The alias means: Be Love and Be You… Just like the name of this website!

And I could NOT think of a better song to share with you as the FIRST single for BLUVNBU!

“You can build me up. But, you can’t break me down.
I’ve got my feet planted IN the ground.
Rock bottom is where I’ve been…
But, not for long!”   ~/\/\~ (Lyrics from RESTORE)

RESTORE was channeled during a very challenging time in my life. I had just gained some decent grounding after my move from New Jersey in 2014… leaving home with only a suitcase, skateboard, and guitar.

I had risen in love with a soulmate, only to find that our chapter would come to a close. A painful realization showed that maybe, there was something else for me.

“Feels like I’ve been here SO many times before!
There’s a reason for the seasons.
But, this one I am not sure.”   ~/\/\~ (Lyrics from RESTORE)

I then turned to yoga to act on the opportunity to earn a 200 hour yoga certification. By following this 3 month transformational experience, I somehow found myself as the caretaker of the same studio that we trained in amid FIVE acres of garden and forest!

This song is the story of how I came from rock bottom… literally homeless living in a van in Orlando to now empowered and occupying the city’s most breathtaking sanctuary with infinite creative possibilities.

It has been a trip, to say the least.

I would like to lend a special thanks to the co-creators in this project!

Amongst them were:

Producer / Audio Engineer: Josh Hastick
Audio Mastering Engineer: Mike Kalajian
Director of Music Video: Charity Gibson
Cinematographer: Eduardo Avila

Stay tuned for the release of the official music video this month!

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