I can’t sleep because I AM having a personal awakening… and I must share it:

I have freely followed my heart for as long as I have known. I have followed my inner guidance. I have been patient and humble. I have listened with an open mind. I have trusted timeless, angelic wisdom that was unveiled to me even when it made NO sense and I was frightened by it’s truth.

Now, I see everything perfectly clear.

I have forecasted that by my 27th birthday, my company Powur​ will be the LARGEST AND MOST MAINSTREAM ENERGY SOLUTION ON THE PLANET.

I have also forecasted that I will have launched what will become one of THE MOST INFLUENTIAL BANDS OF OUR TIME.

This music will sonically, vibrationally, and lyrically be what we as a collective consciousness have all been awaiting.

I know that is a bold claim. However, if you follow or have followed my footsteps over my lifetime(s) I have given zero reason to doubt this.

And if you really don’t believe me, message me and I will let you preview the first single before anyone else.

So, why am I sharing all of this?

Half of me does not know why and the other half shouts because I AM ASKING YOU TO JOIN US.

Not tomorrow…
Not next week, or next year
Not even in 15 minutes…

In this Golden Age of Aquarius, we are about to enter a time of inconceivable abundance in all areas of life. It is almost impossible to fathom the blessings that are ahead.

We DO have to direct our will and work to create this… but, when we DISRUPT AND DECENTRALIZE ENERGY… we will unlock and solve ALL of the major problems on the planet.

If you doubt my words, it is because you doubt your Self, and honestly, I do not blame you.

Rather… I take responsibility. As Mark Zuckerburg recently said during his Harvard commencement speech… the world we live in today does not easily allow us to live a life of PURPOSE.

You have to really fight to know your purpose, know love, know your Self these days. Life is a struggle to provide for your basic needs, let alone your spouse, children… your dreams.

My sacred message to you is to do WHAT IT TAKES to BE LOVE AND BE YOU. This is the key to unlock your purpose, your freedom, your DESTINY.

And my call to action today is to join us, please.

Let’s come together and unite under ONE solution. I promise you that solution will be unveiled today.

All this time I thought I had to “recruit” the members of my band. I was wrong. They were already in my life, waiting for the invitation. They are my blood relatives because the Universe makes no mistakes.

So, to ALL of my brothers and sisters out there, blood related or not… we can choose to be family. WE CAN CHOOSE TO COME TOGETHER AS ONE. This is your invitation to change your life and to create impact, wealth, self realization, and self PURPOSE beyond your wildest dreams.

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